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  • 11/2sat
    Tokushima High School Cultural Festival
    This cultural festival aims to develop cultural activities and skills, and also facilitate communication among high schools in Tokushima (including part-time, online, and special support schools).
    ●date : November 2 (sat) - 17(sun)
    ●place : Awagin Hall, Joto High School, In front of Tokushima Station, Shinmachi-gawa Mizugiwa Koen
  • 12/8sun
    Tokushima JAZZ BAND LIVE
    “Tokushima JAZZ BAND” consists of members gathered from the public who enjoy playing “big band jazz” together. This is the 3rd live performance since their formation 3 years ago, and Masato Honda (a former member of T-SQUARE), Minoru Satomura (tenor sax) and SyojiroYokoo (trumpet) make guest appearances.
    ●date : December 8 (sun) time : open 16:30 start 17:00
    ●place : Awagin Hall
  • 11/3sun
    Tokushima Culture Day, Tokushima Cultural Promotion Period
    “The Tokushima Culture Day Act of Establishment” was promulgated and administered in March 2013 as the National Cultural Festival was held twice in Tokushima for the first time in Japan. The aim of act to promote the interest and understanding of culture
    among the residents in Tokushima, to pass down Tokushima’s superb traditions, to create unique culture, and to promote the advancement of culture in Tokushima.
    The admissions for permanent exhibitions in 4 prefectural cultural museums are free during “Tokushima Cultural Promotion Period.” Let’s visit these museums and enjoy the various culture.

    ■ Tokushima Prefectural Museum of Literature and Calligraphy
    ●Permanent Exhibition/ Exhibiting and introducing various works and materials created by writers and calligraphers related to Tokushima
    〈Literature Exhibition〉 How scholars of literature see Morais
    November 8 (mon) – February 9, 2020 (sun)
    ●Special Exhibition “Yuka Kubo, 20 Years after her Death – Fragrant Lyricism”
    October 4 (fri) - Nobember 17 (sun) Entrance fee ¥520 

    ■ Tokushima Prefectural Museum
    ●Permanent Exhibition/〈General Exhibition〉 “Tokushima’s Nature and History”
    〈Sectional Exhibition〉 Daijo-sai festival (a festival to celebrate the succession of the emperor) and Awa October 1 (tue) - December 1 (fri)
    ●Special Exhibition/ “The Museum’s 60th Anniversary Exhibition: Tokushima
    Time Travel – Past, Present, and Future” October 5 (sat) - November 10 (sun)

    ■ Tokushima Prefectural Torii Ryuzo Memorial Museum
    Permanent Exhibition/ The Life of Ryuzo Torii and His Studies in East Asia

    ■ The Tokushima Modern Art Museum
    ●Permanent Exhibition/ Artworks with themes of “Images of People in 20th Century,” “Contemporary Woodblock Prints, Copperplate Engravings, and
    Etchings,” and “Arts Relate to Tokushima” are exhibited.
    November 2 (sat) - February 2, 2020 (sun)
    ●Special Exhibition/ New York Art Scene – Rothko, Warhol, Yayoi Kusama, and
    Basquiat: Mainly From the Collection of The Museum Of Modern Art, Shiga
    September 14 (sat) - November 4 (mon holiday) Entrance Fee ¥800



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