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  • 9/14sat
    Ikeda Jazz Alley 2019
    Ikeda Downtown Music Festival 2019
    You can enjoy the tasteful townscape of Ikeda and also local sake while listening to Jazz which is played on the street corners. The Ikeda Downtown Music Festival will be held at the same time, and many local musicians will perform on stage.

    ●date: September 14(sun) ●time:17:00~22:00
    ●place: Miyoshi City Central Public hall, MANABE-Y A, Tabacco Museum and others
  • 9/29sun
    The 5th Tokushima Prefecture Junior High School Arts Festival
    Various events such as exhibitions of Tokushima junior high school students’ artwork, music festivals, English speech contests, etc. will be held at sites in cities and counties thr oughout the prefecture

    ●date: September 29, 2019 (Sun) -January 19, 2020 (Sun) (planned)
    ●place: Tokushima Modern Art Museum, Tokushima 21st century cultural information center,Tokushima Prefectural
  • 10/5sat
    The Afternoon of Awa-no-ne (Sound of Tokushima)
    At this concert which you can discover the historical background of Tokushima, such as “Awa Ningyo Joruri”, “Awa Odori”, and so on. The theme is “Japanese music” which is one of three biggest kinds of music in Awa (Tokushima).
    Various types of music which are still alive in Tokushima will be performed with spatial presentation. You will enjoy Su-joruri (Joruri performance without the accompaniment of puppets), Nagauta, Yoshikono, and some local folk entertainment inherited down through the ages.

    ●date: October 5 (Sat) ●time: 1st open 13:30 start 14:00, 2nd open 16:00 start 16:30
    ●place: Tokushima 21st century cultural information cente
  • 10/20sun
    Project of Experiencing Traditional Cultural Attraction in Awa (The 4th Fugai Festival)
    You can experience culture of Tokushima on a tasteful street while feeling the history of Tomida-machi, which was once prosperous as a geisha quarter. The events are a live concert of “Hogaku Girls,” experiencing VR images of Awa Ningyo Joruri (Japanese puppet show) and its puppet operation. You can even experience the basic operation of the puppets of Ningyo Joruri yourself, although the participants wishing to try this need to apply for it before the day of the event.

    ●date: October 20 (Sun) ●time: 10:00〜 ●place: 1-chome, 2-chome, Tomita-cho, Tokushima City
  • 10/26sat
    11/4mon holiday
    Tokushima Jazz Week 2019
    Night Marche Collaboration Live is held on the special stage in Shinmachi-gawa Mizugiwa Koen (Shimachi Riverside Park), and will be the start of the event. You can enjoy live Jazz performances every day during the event week.
    Local musicians will challenge professional musicians from outside of Tokushima at the Challenge Sessions.

    ●date: October 26(sat) -November 4 (Mon holiday)
    ●place: Shinmanchi-gawa Mizugiwa Koen, Shinmachi-bashi Higashi Koen (Shinmachi Bridge East Park), Aibahama
    Koen (Park), and others 



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